Nice to meet you ADAM (1217)

Great New´s for men – ADAM is here. Ginger Chevalier is the creator. She designd a cute man Head and Body. Easy to handle with the HUD´s.
Taxi to the Mainstore: click—> Absolute Creation – ADAM and EVE.
The ADAM Mesh Head and the EVE Mesh Body (For Girls) are free available over the weekend!!!
Let us first take a look on the ADAM Head:

Absolut Creation - ADAM Mesh Head beta 1 (72 hours for free!)

The ADAM Head comes with 11 skintones, compatible with the skintones of the ADAM Mesh Body. You have 4 Beard Styles, 4 Eyeshadows, 6 Lipcolors, 4 Hairbases, 4 Brow Styles, 2 Lashes, 2 Face- and 2 Neck Tattoos. You need to use Mesh Eyes with this head. The ADAM Head blinks with the eyes and you can close your eyes. A Update for Emotions will follow soon!
Here the Head HUD:


This HUD is easy to handle. You can do nothing wrong. Play a bit and you know how it works.
Now the ADAM Mesh Body:

Absolut Creation - ADAM Mesh Body

Here you see the upper Part of the ADAM Mesh Body, its fitted Mesh. The Body fit so perfect with the head. The body has moderate muscles, not too much, not too little. You do not need Slink hands. ADAM has eight different hands to choose from for the left or right.
Take a look on the HUD´s:


The Tattoo and Fashion Layer HUD.


The Alpha HUD. Hide and Show your Body Parts you need.


Choose here your Skincolor with or without Body Hair, Nail Color and more.


Choose here the Style (Gesture) of your Hands.
For help click here:
Fazit: ADAM Head and Body are very well done. I hope many skin designers will do Applier for both, to make them more unique. The Body is already Omega compatible.

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