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Hello lovelies, my last post is a reblogged post. Facebook deletes more blog posts in FB, so is it intresting to read, what we can do. Not all readers follow the blog here on WordPress, but it is a good way to follow here. Nobody will delete a blog post here. Here you can always read, what is new.
Today I want show you a Group Gift skin from EGOZY for the still free Akeruka Deluxe Mesh Head Cleo. And I have more…


What I wear:

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Seeing Light ~Second Life Blogs Blocked by Facebook~ Tips and Tricks

Magick Thoughts ❤ Second Life and Real Life

Note: I posted this blog right before I was let out of FB jail. It took me 8 days of filing reports and making a phone call to leave FB a message. This blog is to help you if you are in the same position.

Since I have been blocked this past week by FB, I have gotten good at sending reports. I have also learned that I am not the only one whos site is being blocked, I am one of many. Facebook is cracking down on website sharing to keep us safe from spam and unsavory fake news as well as being subjected to awful things. My blog is one of quite a few in the virtual world community that has been hit. Although it did start with people reporting mine maliciously. “GO ME!”

You can file a report via regular means by going to the “Help Menu”…

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