Welcome Baby (3524)

Hello my friends, maybe you get pregnant the next time and the baby is born and you want say “Welcome Baby” with a little party? The new “Welcome Baby” set from ^^Swallow^^ is perfect to celebrate 🙂 I use the version for a Baby boy.
The Welcome Baby Set has been created with two versions of land impact: low prim version (21 prims) and high definition (68 prims). We recommend the High Definition version for photographic use, and the Low Prim version as furniture and decor. The set is modify and can be modified using the “Edit” mode. All the pieces can be unlinked and used as you like. Obviously, decreasing or increasing either the prim or set size will affect land impact. The Picture Frame is customizable, the image can be changed. I did it here at my picture. Inside your folder you can also find a version of the table without shadows.
Enjoy this beautiful set ❤

Welcome Baby <3

Welcome set: ^^Swallow^^ – Welcome Baby Set (Here for the baby Boy) NEW @ Cosmopolitan

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