Dandelion (3604)

Hello sweeties, long time was it very quiet around Signature Body. But now is the new “Alice” Body 2.0 out and I can say, it is a great body.
Bellow you will find a highlight list about what mostly changed on the Alice body:
– Textures kit for tattoos and skins, available @signature-sl.fr/download
– Mesh kit for clothes, shoes and accessories, available @signature-sl.fr/devkits
– Using default 4 layers (skin, tattoo,    underwear and clothes) body system
– Work with Bakes on mesh body system
– Compatibles with all omega appliers & signature
– Texture with asymmetric arms, hands and feet
– Physics for breast, butt and belly
– Work with all (AO) animations and Bento
– Rigged using Bento armature for fingers
– 3 squares and 2 almonds shape fingersnails
– Fingers and toes comes with 7 natural nails tones, 14 nails polish
– 10 static hands animations and 1 animated
– 3 feet height, flat, medium and high
– 3 skins types, normal, fit and thin in 12 tones
– Manage your skin glossiness and pores effects
– Quickly input your own texture/uuid
– Compatibles with the Signature Auto hide mesh clothes system
– Built-in with 13 alpha saves for your wardrobe
– Additional saves slots HUD available for free


What I wear:

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