George (4240)

Hello my friends, now I have a great new head for our men – it’s the new Catwa HDPro head – George. The head pack includes 3 heads (BentoEar, Earless, NonBentoEar), skin 2 tones (02 and 04) compatible with Stray Dog Body skins, BOM hair bases, BOM beards, Style Hud, Animations Hud, LV Geo Skin, Attachments, BOM Layers M, Developers Kit, Gestures – a full pack of goodies. You won’t be disappointed, it´s a great head full of great features. Try the demo and decide! More you find in my credits…


Here you see both skin tones:

Catwa HDPro Head George

What my Take wear:
  • Shape: CATWA – Catwa HDPro Shape George  (Body soft edited)
  • Body: [Signature] – Gianni Mesh Body v5.0 @ [Signature]
  • Head: CATWA – Head HDPRO George NEW @ Skin Fair 2021 (opens on 12th at Noon)
  • Skin: ::LV:. –  Geo Catwa BOMApplier 04 no Brows + CATWA Brows 1 Tintable + CATWA Beard E Tintable  (comes all with the head)
  • Body Skin: Stray Dog – Gianni Skin TONE 04 @ Mainstore
  • Eyes: CATWA – Include the head
  • Ears: ^^ Swallow ^^ – Gauged Ears @ ^^ Swallow ^^
  • Hair/Hairbase: no.match_ NO_EX + Hairbases C @ no.match
  • Arm Tattoo: Endless Pain – The Dark One Tattoo NEW @ Skin Fair 2021 (opens on 12th at Noon)
  • Rings: [ Kunst ] – Blade rings [update] NEW @ [ Kunst ]
  • Outfit: Native Urban – Alpha Shirt Signature Gianni NEWUber

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