Nature Girl (4464)

Hello my dear friends, today I want to show you a new body/head – it is Kalhene Erika v2.0. I hope so much Erika makes her way out in SL, because this body is simply great. Here are so many options you can choose, this body is full BOM. You can get Erika this weekend for a great price – 40% off. Go and try the demo and decide…the LM is in my credits…btw, you can use the body with any other head too…

Nature Girl

What I wear:
Body/Head/Skin: Kalhene – Erika Mesh Body & Head BoM v2.0 + Erika Skin Sunkissed NEW @ Kalhene
Eyes: Arte – Elf Eyes (Mesh Eyes) NEW @ The Solstice
Hair: Tableau Vivant – Kit hair NEWUber
Tattoo: Endless Pain – Mina Tattoo NEW @ Ritual October Round
Rings/Bikini: Comes with the body




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