Kawaii Christmas (3689)

Hi all, soon we have the nicest time of the year and we decorate our homes even here in SL. ^^Swallow^^ release a wonderful Kawaii Christmas tree, fully decorated with the lovely couple and single poses. the tree comes in 2 versions high (51 Prims) and low Li (28/21 Prims). If you want you can unlink all items 🙂 My outfit comes in my next blog post…

Kawaii Christmas

Welcome Baby (3524)

Hello my friends, maybe you get pregnant the next time and the baby is born and you want say “Welcome Baby” with a little party? The new “Welcome Baby” set from ^^Swallow^^ is perfect to celebrate 🙂 I use the version for a Baby boy.
The Welcome Baby Set has been created with two versions of land impact: low prim version (21 prims) and high definition (68 prims). We recommend the High Definition version for photographic use, and the Low Prim version as furniture and decor. The set is modify and can be modified using the “Edit” mode. All the pieces can be unlinked and used as you like. Obviously, decreasing or increasing either the prim or set size will affect land impact. The Picture Frame is customizable, the image can be changed. I did it here at my picture. Inside your folder you can also find a version of the table without shadows.
Enjoy this beautiful set ❤

Welcome Baby <3

Welcome set: ^^Swallow^^ – Welcome Baby Set (Here for the baby Boy) NEW @ Cosmopolitan

The Unicorn (3490)

Hello lovelies, you ever ride a unicorn? Now you can do it, the “Fable” made by [Teegle]. I can tell you, it’s amazing. So cute and realistic animations. You can ride it, or its follow you, you can let it wander around or you rezz it and its move at the place. The unicorn has a black or white basecoat, you can change it as you want. I use here the Silver Buckskin (Basecoat HUD) from *CINNAMON*. The unicorn and the new basecoat are available @ Enchantment. It is open till Sunday.

The Unicorn


First snow at home (3203)

Hello lovelies, now I use again the new Baby Face head, but I have to show you my nice outfit. I hope you like it…

First snow at home

What I wear:

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Summer in the City (3000)

Hello my friends, today I write my 3000th post, I can´t believe I did so much in the four years. I change a bit the layout of my blog, I hope you like it. I am not really ready with this, but soon 🙂 In my post I show you two new sexy dresses and a new skin for Lelutka. Take a look, if you like!

Summer in the city

What I wear:

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Blessed (2711)

Hey dears, Insol made a very nice Makeup for Catwa. The HUD have applier for lashes, eyeshadow and lipstick. I use it on the May skin. My wonderful eyes are from Arte.The hair, gloves and backdrop you can get at eBento


What I wear:
  • Shape: Insol – Lipstick shape (right proportion)
  • Body: Maitreya – Meshbody Lara V4.1 @ Mainstore
  • Head: CATWA – Head Catya v 3.1 @ CATWA
  • Skin Applier: Insol – May Applier tone Cinnamon (Catwa)+ Applier for the Body + Hylashine Lipstick new-icon @ Skin Fair 2018
  • Eyes: CATWA – Mesh Eyes Pack @ CATWA
  • Eye Applier: Arte – Blessed Eyes (Catwa) @ Arte
  • Lashes/Eyeshadow/Lipstick: Insol – “Princess Casket” gacha RARE new-icon @ Kustom9
  • Hair: Exile – Answers new-icon @ eBento
  • Tattoo: Carol G. – Ambition Black Tattoo Maitreya new-icon @ Skin Fair 2018
  • Gloves: .::Virile::. – Fingerless Gloves new-icon @ eBento
  • Backdrop: -MaisonClose- – [GreyBlack] GuestList Backdrop new-icon @ eBento

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You know it is Christmas (2537)

Hi lovelies, Christmas is so near and its makes much fun to take Christmas pictures. I have nice stuff to show, I hope you like my  picture…

What I wear:
  • Shape: [theSkinnery] – Huda (Catwa Catya Bento) Shape
  • Body: Maitreya – Meshbody Lara V4.1 @ Mainstore
  • Head: CATWA – Head Lilly v 3.0 new-icon @ CATWA
  • Skin Applier: [theSkinnery] – Huda (Catwa Applier) honey + Body Applier for Maitreya 2017 in honey new-icon Shiny Shabby
  • Eyes: CATWA – Mesh Eyes Pack Updated new-icon @ CATWA
  • Eye Applier: Arte – Translucent Eyes (Lelutka) new-icon @ Cosmopolitan
  • Hair/Ears/Horns: .Olive. – the Penelope Jackalope Hair Gacha new-icon @ upcoming Lootbox (Opens – December 20th at 10 PM SLT)
  • Tattoo: Carol G. – Musa Red Tattoo Maitreya new-icon @ Shiny Shabby
  • Dress: Luas – Santas Girl Maitreya new-icon @ Luas
  • Rendeer: !dM deviousMind – “RockinRudolph Holly**XMAS** new-icon @ upcoming Lootbox (Opens – December 20th at 10 PM SLT)

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Cornelia (2523)

Hello my friends, you will wondering, my number of posts go down. I look at my stats today and saw one day I make a mistake. Now you see the correct number of my posts.
I show you now a new skin, a new tattoo, new gloves, a new dress and great shoes. Hope you like my picture…

What I wear:

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Ana (2268)

Hello  lovelies, yesterday release LAQ the new Bento Motion Capture Mesh Head “Ana” 1.0. I love this head, because its looks diffrent. At my picture I use the Skin from the head in tone 2.0 with few freckles. Hope you like this post, more at credits…

What I wear:

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Siouxsie (2267)

Hi my friends, Now I have a lot of new stuff in this post. Many news from Astralia. I hope you like my picture…

What I wear: