The pendulum (4477)

Hello sweeties, today I want to show you a beautiful new skin for Catwa HDPro from Deetalez. Take a look at my cute new hair, it´s called Blush. My dress from Vanilla Bae comes in a PG and sexy Adult version and I use a nice pendulum pose…

The pendulum

What I wear:
  • Shape: DeeTaleZ – Shape for Catwa HDPRO Head 5– Body edited
  • Body: eBODY – Reborn v1.50 Mesh Body NEWeBENTO
  • Head: CATWA – Head HDPRO Majer Soft @ CATWA
  • Skin Applier: DeeTaleZ – Skin *Vally* (HDPROCatwa) with gingerB MIXEDTYPE + MU Eyeshadow (HDPROCatwa) + Skin for Legacy Bodies/Boobs:Natur/DEF Mixed NEW @ DeeTaleZ
  • Eyes: Arte – LUZ Eyes (Mesh Eyes) NEW @ Enchantment
  • Hair w. horns: DOUX – Blush hairstyle NEW @ Equal10
  • Dress: Vanilla Bae – Morgan Dress – eBODY Reborn • Strip Dress with 3 steps of strip + fully nude
    • Strip me menu access includes: Private, Public, Add Master
    • Non-interactive option (step 1 only, no strip scripts)
    NEW @ Collabor88
  • Pendulum: Pacagaia Poses – Pendulum Witch Bento holding NEWeBENTO

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Celia (4476)

Hello, my friends, today I want to show you a new skin for Avalon from DS`ELLES – it´s Celia. My tattoo is from Corazon and both items you can get at eBento now. Look at my hair, it looks really real and is made by Unorthodox. Please take a look at my credits for more…


What I wear:

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Alone (4475)

Hello my friends, now I use the new eBODY Reborn and the new Lelutka Gaia head with a skin from Glam Affair. It looks so cute 🙂 More you can find in my credits…


…and closer…

Miho (Portrait)

What I wear :
  • Shape: Glam Affair – Miho Shape – Gaia Head for eBody (body edited)
  • Body: eBODY – Reborn by eBODY v1.50 Mesh Body NEW @ Equal10
  • Head: Lelutka – Gaia Head 3.1 NEWEqual10
  • Skin: Glam Affair – Miho Layer (Lelutka EvoX) Sand B + Sora Ears Sand + Freckles B 50% + Miho Blush (B) + Body Skin Chubby Legacy (Sand) NEWEqual10
  • Eyes: Avi-Glam – Gaia Eyes Special Pack Lelutka Evo/Evx NEWEqual10
  • Hair: Stealthic – Realness @ Stealthic
  • Earrings: RAWR! – Tatum HUMAN FEMALE EvoX Earrings NEW @ RAWR!
  • Choker/Garters/Dress/Panties/Socks/Shoes: Lunar – Love Choker/Garters/Dress/Panties/Socks/Shoes (eBODY Reborn) NEW @ Equal10
  • Dog: REZZ ROOM – Poodle Toy  Adult Animesh (Companion) NEW @ Equal10

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Friends forever (4474)

Hello again sweethearts, now I want to show you a new cute hair with a hat from Tableau Vivant and a beautiful dress from Meva. I am with my friend and we love this pose from Luane…

Friends forever

What I wear:

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Little squirrels (4473)

Hi sweeties, I want to show you now the new skin for Lelutka EvoX Avalon, I wear Darma made by theSkinnery. My cute hair comes from FAGA and my cute outfit is made by Addams. My adorable pose is from PosEd…

Little squirrels

What I wear:

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Gaia (4472)

Hello my dear friends, I hope you had all a wonderful Sunday and maybe some of you got already the new cute Lelutka Head “Gaia” @ Equal10 now. Here you can find too the new eBODY Reborn. I use both in my photo. Even Blueberry made the new outfit at TSS for the eBODY Reborn…Take a look…and look please at the beautiful tree at the background…new from Konoha ♥


…and closer…

Gaia (Portrait)

What I wear:
  • Shape: Lelutka – Shape Default Lel EvoX GAIA (Body edited)
  • Body: eBODY – Reborn by eBODY v1.50 Mesh Body NEW @ Equal10
  • Head: Lelutka – Gaia Head 3.1 NEWEqual10
  • Skin/Makeup/Ears: Comes with the Gaia Head
  • Eyes: Arte – LUZ Eyes (Lel EvoX) NEWEnchantment
  • Hair: Exile – Carina @ Exile
  • Nails: RAWR! – Chained Soul Nails (eBODY Reborn) NEW @ Fetish Fair
  • Rings: RAWR! – Chained Soul Rings (eBODY Reborn) NEW @ Fetish Fair
  • Top: Blueberry – Shyla Knotted Tops – eBODY Reborn TSS 10/9 NEW @ Blueberry
  • Jeans: Blueberry – Natalia Flare Jeans CutieBootie – eBODY Reborn TSS 10/9 NEW @ Blueberry
  • Bouquet: Dust Bunny
  • Weed: Konoha – “Jest” Weeds (Consists of 10 kinds of weeds and over 16 dual-combination textures. 26 mesh pieces.)  @ Konoha
  • Tree: Konoha – Japanese maple – Acer avi 1 NEWNeo-Japan

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The Hell Frappuccino (4471)

Hello sweeties, today I want to show you a new cute skin for Lelutka EvoX Ceylon – Sora by GlamAffair. My nice hair is new from FAGA. I have more for you, take a look at my credits…

The Hell Frappuccino

What I wear:
Shape: You&Me – MAILA Shape for Lelutka EvoX/Legacy/Kupra NEW @ eBENTO (open on 11th of October)
Body: The Shops – [Body] Legacy (f) (1.4) @ The Shops
Head: Lelutka – Ceylon Head 3.1 @ Lelutka
Skin: Glam Affair – Sora Layer (Lelutka EvoX) Sand B + Sora Ears Sand + Freckles A 50% + Body Skin Chubby Legacy (Sand) NEWCollabor88
Eyes: Lelutka
Hair: FAGA – Villana Hairstyle NEWCollabor88
Nails: Formanails – Nails for Legacy– MIA @ Formanails
Tattoo: Endless Pain – Ivy Tattoo NEW @ We love RP
Rings: RAWR! – Ophelia Rings Legacy NEWCosmopolitan
Top/Skirt/Panties: MILOTA – Bastet Set [Legacy] NEWUber
Drink: :::ChicChica::: – Hell Frappuccino NEWCollabor88

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Last warm rays of sun (4470)

Hello my dear friends, the Arcade is open and Pumec made a cute skin for this event. I use at my photo the rare version. take a look at my hair, it is made by Phoenix and I love the cute accessories. Please take a look at my credits…here you find all I wear 🙂

Last warm rays of sun

…and closer…

Lilith (Portrait)

What I wear:
Shape: [PUMEC] – Shape – EVO X Avalon 3.1 (soft edited)
Body: Maitreya – Mesh Body Lara V5.3 @ Mainstore
Head: Lelutka – Avalon Head 3.1 @ Lelutka
Skin: [PUMEC] – RARE Lilith Lelu EvoX April Medium Brows + Legacy x BOM April Breast 2 NEWThe Arcade
Eyes: .:I ProFect I:. – Opyo Eyes NEW @ Unik
Hair: :::Phoenix::: – Morgana Hair NEW @ Satan Inc.
Earrings: LaGyo – Part of the Claudine Set (Claudine earrings white) @ LaGyo
Tattoo: Hoodlem – Besito Fullbody Tattoo x Faded (BOM) NEW @ Hoodlem
Top/Shorts/Heels: SCANDALIZE – SENARA Top/Shorts/Heels Maitreya NEW @ Vanity Event
Drink: :::Phoenix::: – Poisonous Drink NEW @ Satan Inc.
Dog: REZZ ROOM – Bull Terrier Adult Animesh (Companion) NEWTMD

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Dia de los muertos (4469)

Hello darlings, today I have to show you new cute eyes and a great face mask, both perfect for Halloween or roleplay…

Dia de los muertos

What I wear:
Head/Body/Skin: The same as my last post
Eyes: .:I ProFect I:. – Shadowhunters Eyes NEWUnik
Mask: *!* Absolut Creation – skull dia de los muertos NEW @

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Airelle (4468)

Hi my friends, today I wear the new eBODY Reborn and what can I say, it’s a wonderful new mesh body. Here you can read about this new body: eBODY Reborn will be released on 11 of October @ Equal10. I wear a new EvoX skin from DS`ELLES, a new gift hair from Sintiklia, new mesh ears from GA.EG and a beautiful sexy dress from Glitzz…


What I wear:

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