Karina (4611)

Hello sweethearts, now I want to show you the breast morph for the Erika body, I really like it…take a look at the skin, ears, hair…I hope you like it…


What I wear:

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Carol (4610)

Hello my cuties, today I use the beautiful Erika body, the cute Milan head with the new skin from DeetaleZ – Carol. My hair is new from Stealthic, my outfit from ZB…more in my credits…


What I wear:
  • Shape: DeeTaleZ – Shape for Lelu EVOX Heads “Carol” (Body edited to fit with Erika)
  • Body: Kalhene – Erika Mesh Body v3.2 NEWKalhene
  • Head: Lelutka – Milan Head 3.1 @ Lelutka
  • Skin: DeeTaleZ – Skin *Carol* for LELEVOX / BROWS: blond/ European + Ears European +  Skin for Legacy Bodies / Boobs: Natur/CHU European NEW @ DeeTaleZ
  • Add-Ons: DeeTaleZ – MU *alt./closed Eyelid for Lelu EVOX/European + MU *Cheekbones* for Lelu EVOX/25%/ Medium Skin + MU *Eyeshadow TINTABLE* for Leluka EVOX + MU *Freckles – Dark Skin* for Lelutka EVOX NEW @ DeeTaleZ
  • Hair: Stealthic – Mesmer NEWThe Fifty
  • Earrings: Meva – Shana Earpiece Silver (Part of the Shana Set) NEWCosmopolitan
  • Tattoo: Endless Pain – Varis NEW @ We ❤ Role-Play
  • Top/Skirt/Belt: ZBlack – Rany Top/Skirt/Belt Kalhene Erika NEW @ ZBlack

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Sona (4569)

Hello lovelies, this is again a Skin Fair post. Yesterday I had sadly no time to blog. I got a RL job and I have to learn a lot. So comes this one today 🙂 I want to show you a new skin from KOOQLA made for EvoX and other cute stuff…

♥ Skin Fair 2022 ♥

The map…

Skin Fair 2022 is open ♥

My outfit:


What I wear:

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He is mine (4538)

Hello dears, last night I take this photo with Take, we use a nice pose from Zeevh. I use the beautiful Erika Body with the Briannon head. My skin is from Lueur, my hair from Doux and my dress in a group gift…more in my credits …

He is mine

What I wear:
  • Shape: Lueur – Krista Shape – Legacy x Lel EvoX Briannon (Body edited)
  • Body: Kalhene – Erika Mesh Body v2.4 NEW @ Kalhene  and eBENTO
  • Head: Lelutka –  Briannon Head 3.1 @ Lelutka 
  • Skin: Lueur – Krista Lelutka EvoX Lueur Sunkissed + Legacy Updated Skin 2021 Skinny Belly Sunkissed + Normal Breast Option Sunkissed NEW @ Lueur
  • Eyes: Lelutka
  • Hair: DOUX – Lovegood hairstyle NEWEqual10
  • Tattoo: TheCrowInkArt – This is love (GIFT) NEWeBENTO
  • Dress: Kalhene – Fur Dress Erika (GIFT) NEW @ Kalhene
What Take wear:

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Taylor (4522)

Hello lovelies, Merry Christmas….yes Christmas day arrived, my husband and I are alone. SoI have time to do post…


What I wear:

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Leah (4494)

Hello lovelies, now I want to show you the Kahlene Leah Mesh Head, this head is a gift and really cute, fits perfectly with the Kalhene Erika Body…


What I wear:
Shape: Kalhene – LEAH Shape Curvy 1 (Body soft edited)
Body: Kalhene – Erika Mesh Body v2.0 NEW @ Kalhene
Head: Kalhene – LEAH Mesh Head GIFT (Incl. skin, eyes, makeup) NEWKalhene
Hair: DOUX – Bellami hairstyle NEWEqual10
Tattoo: Hoodlem – Peace Sleeve Tattoo x Reg (BOM) NEW @ Hoodlem
Rings: Comes with the Kalhene Erika Body
Top: .Aitne – Sara top NEW @ .Aitne
Mug: :::ChicChica::: – Big Cocoa Mug NEW @ :::ChicChica:::

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Nature Girl (4464)

Hello my dear friends, today I want to show you a new body/head – it is Kalhene Erika v2.0. I hope so much Erika makes her way out in SL, because this body is simply great. Here are so many options you can choose, this body is full BOM. You can get Erika this weekend for a great price – 40% off. Go and try the demo and decide…the LM is in my credits…btw, you can use the body with any other head too…

Nature Girl

What I wear:
Body/Head/Skin: Kalhene – Erika Mesh Body & Head BoM v2.0 + Erika Skin Sunkissed NEW @ Kalhene
Eyes: Arte – Elf Eyes (Mesh Eyes) NEW @ The Solstice
Hair: Tableau Vivant – Kit hair NEWUber
Tattoo: Endless Pain – Mina Tattoo NEW @ Ritual October Round
Rings/Bikini: Comes with the body