Beautiful Winter (4700)

Hello sweethearts, today I want to show you a cute blush von Löa, new hair, new rings and a sexy Winter dress…

Beautiful Winter

What I wear:

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Cheetah (4674)

Hi dear friends, now I want to show you very nice plants from Konoha and the cute cheetah from Rezz Room …


What you see in the pic:
Konoha – left tree – Populus saisel @ Konoha
Konoha – Oriental Willow Salix goppi NEWNeo-Japan
Konoha – Saccharum reeds NEWWLRP
Konoha – WildlyFluffy Natoma Grass Circle Diminishing @ Konoha
REZZ ROOM – Cheetah Adult Animesh (Companion) @ REZZ ROOM

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Under the old tree (4618)

Hello my dear friends, here comes a new great tree for your land and look at these cute dogs, they play under the old tree…

Under the old tree

What you see in the picture:
Tree: Konoha – Quercus ella – Elder Oak with 7 Seasonal textures. This pack includes a single mesh tree. *Please check out at the full-scale demo available at the event’s Demo area and also at the main store before purchasing.* 38 Li – with Fern, 30 Li – Without Fern NEWWe ❤ Role-Play
Dogs: REZZ ROOM – Australian Shepherd Adult Animesh (Companion) NEWFaMESHed

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Under the Magnolia (4601)

Hello sweethearts, now I have a new skin, new hair and much more for you. Take a look at my credits…and in the background the wonderful Magnolia from Konoha…

Under the Magnolia

What I wear:
  • Shape: You&Me – ANNA Shape for Lelutka EvoX/Legacy (IM me then you want this shape)
  • Body: The Shops – [Body] Legacy (f) (1.4) @ The Shops
  • Head: Lelutka – Avalon Head 3.1 @ Lelutka
  • Skin: DeeTaleZ – Skin *Kayla* for LELEVOX / BROWS: blond/ Mixed + Ears Mixedtype +  Skin for Legacy Bodies / Boobs: Natur/CHU Mixed NEWDeeTaleZ
  • Add-Ons: DeeTaleZ – Lips (tint) *Kayla* for EvoX/Shade4 (Mixedtype)+ MU *Eyebag* for Leluka EVOX/Medium Skin + MU *Freckles – Medium Skin* for Lelutka EVOX NEW @ DeeTaleZ
  • Eye Applier: Yoshi – Daisy Eyes Pack @ Yoshi
  • Hair: FAGA – Dori Hairstyle NEW @ FAGA
  • Eyeglasses: RichB. – J. Sax Glasses NEWMan Cave
  • Top/Skirt: Vanilla Bae – Polly Top and Skirt (Adult) Legacy • Strip Me Interactive Top (3 Steps) + Skirt (3 Steps) + Fully Nude • Can be taken off via menu by a partner • Strip me menu access includes: Private, Public, Add Master • Top & Skirt can be worn separately • Non interactive option (step 1 only, no strip scripts) • Skirt HUD includes Button Color options as well NEWFaMESHed
  • Hot Dog/Hot Dog: tentacio – Deliciosa primavera NEWEqual10
  • Tree: Konoha – Magnolia intent T4 NEWCosmopolitan

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Wonderland (4598)

Hi my friends, today I take you to a Wonderland – The Fantasy Faire…I like this event a lot, you can find a lot of great fantasy stuff like Konoha made…lovely trees and plants…


What you can see in my picture:
Trees: Konoha – Jadite trees NEW @ Fantasy Faire
Plants: Konoha – Citrine flora NEW @ Fantasy Faire

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Wonderful Spring (4586)

Hello my dear friends, today I want to show you the great stuff for decorating your land. All plants are made by Konoha. I really love the plants, they look so real and I have always had fun decorating them…

Wonderful Spring

What you see in my picture:

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Ice Rink of Ryukyu (4526)

Hello my friends, do you have your own land? I have something really nice for place, it´s the Ice Rink of Ryukyu. You can choose from different kinds of Rinks, different Frozen Foliage and Frozen Cypress to decorate. You can buy the Ice Rink of Ryukyu @ Okinawa New Year Festival 2021-2022, LM
The cute penguins are from Rezz Room, LM

Ice Rink of Ryukyu

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You are not alone little dog (4451)

Hi sweeties, now I love to show you a nice way for the landscape at your place. Konoha made this beautiful natural-looking “Trails of Katamachi II”. You can cover the edges with the Natoma Grass or Jest Weeds, both made by Konoha too…the cute little dog is from Black Bantam…

You are not alone little dog

You see at the picture:
Trail: Konoha – Trails of Kitamachi II – Single Lane Pack @ Konoha
Weed: Konoha – “Jest” Weeds (Consists of 10 kinds of weeds and over 16 dual-combination textures. 26 mesh pieces.)  @ Konoha
Grass: Konoha – Wildlyfluffy Natoma Grass @ Konoha
Puppy: [ Black Bantam ] – Smiling Shiba Pup Decor NEWCollabor88

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