Your Pet (1864)

Hello dears, good news for you, if you own a EVE`olution Head and you want use the Skins from EVE, now you can get Maiteya Applier for your Body in the Skin Tones from your Head! I have more new stuff in my post, please read below!


What I wear:


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Jungle Fever (1369)

Hello my friends, I dont know who from you knows the EVE Body and the EVE`olution Mesh Head. Body and Head are made by Ginger Chevalier. Now she release a great darker Skin “Lia” and a amazing Outfit in many colors. Each color comes in 2 Versions. One Version is sheer and very sexy….

Absolut Creation - Lia Skin Applier for EVE @ Mainstore; Absolut Creation - Astra Leopard Slim Outfit for EVE @ Mainstore

What I wear:

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Watching You (1345)

Hi lovelies, now I have new Hair and a new Outfit from Storybook…

.EMBW. - Faelwen Hair @ TFC; Storybook - Aries Obsidan @ TFC

What I wear:

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Dream On (1344)

What a great round of The Fantasy Collective this time…look the great Set from Meva and the cute Earrings from Kibitz…and my Underboobs Tattoo is new too…

Meva - Cathien @ TFC; Kibitz - Puki´s Earrings Gold; Carol G. - Underboobs Clock Tattoo @ Skin Fair

What I wear:

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Seven Whole Days (1301)

Hi friends, today I begin with a new preview for the new Fair Play round. From Jinx comes this sexy harness now…..

Datum - Whore Collar; Jinx - Arieya Mono @ Fair Play tomorrow; Endless Pain - Megan Tattoo @ The Alchemy tomorrow

What I wear:

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Somewhere Only We Know (1300)

Hi lovelies, now I have previews for the new round of Fair Play “Emerald City” in a magical new Simbuild. Opening is at 1st.

TR - Old Reading Ruins @ Fair Play; Mistique - Shalana RedBlack @ Fair Play

What I wear:
  • Ruins: [TR] – Old Reading Ruins new-icon @ upcoming Fair Play at 1st

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Amalthea (1276)

I want show you before I go sleep so nice items from Enchantment. Tomorrow will come more…

Please click the picture to see the details better!

Bauhaus Movement - Kynne Set; Meva - Claws golden Maitreya; Sweet Kajira - Amalthea lila Fitted Dress @ Enchantment

What I wear:

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One Last Breath (1275)

Hello dears, today at Noon open the Enchantment. I can tell you, its a wonderful Event, so much nice stuff…here a next preview for you!

no.match_ - NO_MAGIC; LE - A mom seul desir Cream @ Enchantment

What I wear:

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New Mesh Head For Us Girls (1274)

Hello my  dear friends, today release Ginger Chevalier the #3 Beta Version of the EVE`olution Mesh Head. I was really excited to open the box and I am not disappointed. The new EVE Head have new nice features – the Eyes can be closed now, the mouth can be open now and have great realistic teeths. The mouth can move then you type. EVE have a cute face and is in one minute ready for Omega. The HUD is complete new and easy to understand and a little HUD is for the Teeths (dont need to use it all the time). The Head fit perfect to my Maitreya Mesh Body, now problem with the neck! Omega Applier works very well, all my hair fit. And the best is the priece – only 825 L!!!
But dont look only at my face, I use a cute flower at my hair – its the Unicorn Daisy (Uncommon 17). My amazing Alicorn Necklace is made by aisling. Both you can get at Enchantment tomorrow at Noon SLT. You will see, its will be a great Event!

- EVE´olution Mesh Head #3 Beta; [MUSE] - Unicorn Dasies @ Enchantment; .aisling. - Alicorn short @ Enchantment

What I wear:
Take a look at the HUD´s:

Main HUD 1 Main HuD 2 Teeth HuD

Now some nice MakeUP and a little Tattoo for EVE:

SlackGirl - Tiara and Luci Eyeshadow for EVE @ Slackgirl

From SlackGirl comes both Eyeshadow: left –> Tiara Eyeshadow, right –> Luci. To buy at the SlackGirl Mainstore.

SlackGirl - Savanah Liner for EVE´olution Head @ Slackgirl; KosmO - Under Eye Text LOVE ME @ KosmO

From SlackGirl comes the Savanah Liner for EVE´olution Head.  To buy here too: SlackGirl Mainstore. The right picture show the little Under Eye Text “Love Me”, comes from KosmO. This little Tattoo is available here –> KosmO.

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Just A Dream (894)

Hi dears, today I try over 4 hours to get in Collabor88. This round is bigger with many guest designers. But I got what I want.
Today I use a brand new Gender Fluid skin from V a n L u c k. The skin comes in 4 versions for the normal Avatar and as Omega + Slink Applier. Perfect for *!* EVE – EVE´olution-Head. I use the outfit from *Sweet Lies* for the Fantasy Gacha Carnival. My decoration comes from {anc} and is available at Collabor88. I love it!

Sweet Lies - Athena @ FGC soon Sweet Lies - Athena (2) @ FGC soon

What I wear:
  • Shape: My own
  • Body:*!* EVE – Slim V8.4 and HUD-EVE V8.4 Vanda @ *!* EVE-Shop
  • Head: *!* EVE – EVE´olution-Head-#2-Beta-B  new-icon @ *!* EVE-Shop
  • Skin: V a n L u c k – Andro Skin Gender Fluid Version 1 + Omega/Slink Applier new-icon @ NOP Event
  • Eyes: IKON – Deadshine Eyes Hazel @ Mainstore
  • Lashes: REDGRAVE – Twilight Lashes
  • Eyeliner: Glam Affair – Couture Liner nr 02 @ Mainstore
  • Lipstick: SlackGirl – Softlips /w Beautymark (for Standart and Mesh Heads) new-icon @ Mainstore
  • Hair: Exile – Finding You Naturals @ Mainstore
  • Crown: Kibitz – Greek Crown Gold new-icon @ We love RP
  • Bracers: [V/W] – Flower Bracers Rare 01 new-icon @ upcoming Fantasy Gacha Carnival
  • Dress/Shield/Lance: *Sweet Lies* – Athena Outfit Gacha new-icon @ upcoming Fantasy Gacha Carnival
  • Puppies/Mist Cloud: {anc} – Flottante Puppies/Mist Cloud new-icon @ Collabor88

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