Gracie (3826)

Hi my darlings, Skin Fair 2020 will never end…yes it will, maybe still 3 posts to do and I have shown all that I like. So please keep your eyes open 🙂 Now I have Gracie for you, all info below the picture…

Skin Fair 2020 - # 18 "Gracie"

What I wear:

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Hana (3818)

Hello lovelies, today I use the new GENUS Head Classic Face W002 v1.7 Mocap with the new “Hana” skin from League. I use the tone Sunkiss. Look at my face you like my nice eyes and makeup? You can get all at the Skin Fair 2020. All that you need to know you find below the pictures 🙂

Skin Fair 2020 - # 11 "Hana Portrait"

Skin Fair 2020 - # 11 "Hana"

What I wear:

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Amanda (3814)

Hi sweeties, I wish you a great Sunday! Today I will show you one of the new heads from GENUS Project, it is strange face W001. I use the new skin Amanda from DS`ELLES. I use new hair and a cute outfit…
Here he current sim plan:

Skin Fair 2020 - #7 "Amanda Portrait"

Skin Fair 2020 - #7 "Amanda"

What I wear:

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Tempest (3809)

Hello darlings, now I have a new and very cute Bento Mesh Head for you, its “Tempest” made by Fizz Savira, owner and creator of Tonic. You can buy this nice head and my beautiful tattoo form Endless Pain at the Skin Fair 2020. It opens on Friday…YAY!

Skin Fair 2020 - # 2 "Tempest"

What I wear:
Here you can see all skin tones from the head, made by Pink Fuel:
Vamp – Porcelain – Crystal – Ivory

Vanilla – Bisquit – Peach – Apricot

Latte – Hazel – Caramel – Mocha

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Spring is here (3790)

Hi sweeties, now I use new and older stuff for my blog post. I hope you like something that I wear…

Spring is here

Spring is here (Portrait)

What I wear:

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Kiss me (3788)

Hello my friends, I decide longer ago to blog more with my male ava. Today I finish my styling and I hope you like my picture with this nice couple pose…

Kiss me

What I wear (right):
What I wear (left):

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Justin and me (3785)

Hello dears, now I use the cute Violet skin from [PUMEC] again, with new hair, a new necklace and a great outfit. But don’t forget my nice “Justin”…smiles…

Justin and me

What I wear:

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